Sisters welcome....

Dear Sisters,

We believe there are no coincidences, just manifestations of our inner desires being met by the universe. You are reading this because you must be ready to take your life to the next level!
If you are a woman who wants to,

Get Back into balance, Set Clear Boundaries, Gain Clarity, Live an Empowered Life & Become the best version of Yourself!

We Hear you & You are not alone there!

We have curated an exclusive Women ONLY summit called the Women Growth Summit that is designed to empower and inspire you to discover your true potential and Live the life of your dreams.
No matter who you are, if you are Inspired by the terms-

  • Financial Independence
  • Awakening your True Power
  • Breaking the Cycle of Victimhood
  • Living the Life of your Dreams
  • Breaking your Limiting Beliefs
  • Rewiring your Brain for Success
  • Becoming Confident and Radiant

You should Join us in the Women Growth Summit. With the guidance of spectacular speakers and leaders, the half-day event will unlock new thinking and expand perspectives that will help you understand yourself better, work on your limiting beliefs and empower yourself to unlock the best version of yourself.

Why you should join the Women Growth Summit?


The 3 and half hours is an Ultimate Opportunity to meet, hear and get inspired by World – Class Trainers and get started in the process of creating a life of Passion, Purpose and Potential for yourself.


With 6 World-Class Trainers who will be guiding you through the path of Self-discovery, the session will help you understand your true potential, gain the require clarity and pave your path to Success!


You will get to grow and transform with some of the most successful women who have moulded & transformed Millions of individuals to become extremely successful in their life!

Our Speakers

Puja Puneet

India’s Leading Life Coach and the founder of Life by Design

She has trained under legends like Jack Canfield, T Harv Ekar, Brian Tracy and many more. See More..

Harvi Shah

India’s Leading Fashionpreneur

I teach fashion designers,fashion influencers, aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion brand owners to Build a highly Profitable and See More..

Shiny Surendran

India’s Leading Sports and Preventive Nutritionist.

Shiny is the first Indian to have completed Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition from International Olympic Committee. See More..

Manisha Chopra

Co-Founder Seasoul Cosmetics & Seasoul Academy

Manisha Chopra is a Co-Founder-Director at SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, along with her husband Sankalp and is one of the sought-after make-up artists for fashion- models and celebrities in India.See More..

Who can join the Women Growth Summit? Growth and Empowerment is the theme of the Summit and the Program is a must-attend for every women who is willing to carve a life of Purpose and Live at the Peak of it!


Success Gyan is India’s Largest Organiser of Seminars and we believe in educating, inspiring and transforming lives by sharing success Lessons in all domains like Personal Growth, Financial Management, Career Growth, Effective Entrepreneurship & Businesses Acceleration to empower individuals live their life to the fullest of their potential.
Success Gyan started its journey in 2012, with an intention of bringing life transforming world class education to India. We have brought world's best trainers like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, T Harv Eker, Les Brown, Dr John Demartini, Blair Singer and 50 other world's best thought leaders to India. Through these years we have transformed over 10 Lakh + lives through 800 + Events and 1000 + Webinars.
With Success Gyan Academy, the organization aims to take this life transformation education to every household in the country , so as to inspire 100 Million people to become the best version of themselves in every area of their lives.